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Pradyumn's Programs

Agile Engineering Practices

3 Days

Objectives: Gain an insight into agile engineering practices. Learn to build the right product with high quality and in time.

Agile Software Development with Scrum

2 Days

Objectives: An in-depth understanding of Scrum, one of the most prominent agile methodologies.

An Introduction to the Vedas

2 Hours

Objectives: A brief introduction to the Vedas and related Vedic literature.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0

1 Day

Objectives: This is an introductory program, providing an overview of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, as well as the emerging ideas behind Web 3.0 which are linked to these.


3 Days

Objectives: An in-depth program with a good insight into the capabilities and features of Cassandra, data modeling guidelines and its Java driver.

Clean Code

2 to 3 Days

Objectives: Concepts and best practices of writing clean code, along with key Agile engineering practices (TDD, refactoring).

Data Analytics

5 Days

Objectives: Retrieve and analyze data, derive insights, visualize results, create dashboards, use statistical techniques.

Design Patterns

3 Days

Objectives: Understanding some of the important GoF design patterns and foundational design principles.

Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn

5 Days

Objectives: Understanding Machine Learning (ML) concepts, building various types of ML models to solve diverse problems.

Making Sense of the IT Buzzwords

1 Day

Objectives: A high-level understanding of many of the trending concepts and technologies in the field of IT, along with real-world use cases.

MongoDB for Developers

3 Days

Objectives: Build an in-depth understanding of working with MongoDB, a leading NoSQL database platform for applications revolving around large, complex data structures.


2 Days

Objectives: An in-depth understanding of graph modeling, and a strong foundation for managing and querying data using Neo4j, including its Java driver.

Software Estimation

3 Days

Course Outline:

  • Practices from Agile methodologies

  • ​Gathering information for estimation

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