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Areas of Business

Corporate IT Training

Pragati’s training programs are rated top class by participating organizations. We put a lot of emphasis on delivering top-quality training programs,that are tailored to suit the requirements of the client organization, level of the participants and their prior familiarity with the subject, etc.


We have a formal and rigorous process of internal training, evaluation and certification of our training professionals, to ensure that the programs delivered by them provide delight to the participants.
Corporates get the benefit of getting trainings at Pragati because we have high caliber, well experienced faculty, we provide the participants hands on training, customized approach and a very responsive culture.


We offer consultancy on various subjects to across sector clients. We provide specialized & customized business solutions to automate processes using MS Excel VBA, MS-Project, Primavera, Crystal Report and SME [Subject Matter Expertise] for various IT Products. The need of consultancy is required due to :


Essential for agility and responsiveness needed for surviving in tough business scenarios.

When data is voluminous, corporate need to devote time and resources to understand and analyze it.

By empowering employees with more automated office tools, corporate can tap into the full potential of their human resources and foster a culture of transformation.

​Various consulting options available are :


Agile adoption


Automated Modeling using Excel VBA

Learning Need Analysis

Setting up a learning organization

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